Development Information and Downloads

The information on this page is available in english only!



This document contains the description of the LDraw format extensions of MLCad, the format of the ini-file as well as a documentation about how to provide a new language set to MLCad:

Spezification V2.00


Template for Language Dll and Help Files:

This is a template project for developing new languages for MLCad. The template files are all english - simply translate all english text into the language you would like to provide and then send the final dll to me.The file contains a Visual Studio Dll project, the help files and the help file mapping table.

LanguageTemplate Project for MLCad V3.30 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (C++ Compiler) required)

LanguageTemplate Project for MLCad V3.20 (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 required)

Compiled English DLL for MLCad V3.30 (can be used with other Tools than MS-Visual C++).

Compiled English DLL for MLCad V3.20 (can be used with other Tools than MS-Visual C++).

English Help Files of MLCad V3.00 for translation to another language (these are actual not up to date!)