V3.40 - Implemented basic undo functionality (might be a bit slow, but should work)
- Improvements for network installation or installation under Windows Vista and
  above (See changes). MLCad now doesn't write to its installation path anymore.
- Save pictures in more formats, now supporting Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff and Png.
- Read/write favorites from registry instead from file (file will be imported)
- Read/write group configuratuin from registry instead from file
  (file will be imported)
- Write log file to system default temporary path controlled by the environment
  (Usually TMP or TEMP Variable path)
- Temporary files for buffer exchange during export are put to the temp path now
- Crash when printing
- Problems with rotation matrix dialog not close-able
- Background color only solid
- Wrong part list when parts with long filenames are found.
- Wrong color name shown in status-bar for color bar colors
- Wrong color names in part lists
V3.30 - Support of color configurations based on ldconfig.ldr
- Empty lines in a project are no longer removed (for part authoring)
- New default groups (become active if mlcad.grp is removed)
- Crash caused when deleting the last rotation point
- Loading incompatible language files
- Problems with missing manifests in language dlls
- Start without any LDConfig present
- Crash when recursivly loading files
V3.20 - Mouse wheel support
- Coordinates in the viewing panes
- Hot keys for grid switching
- Export parts with TABs (.csv)
- Toggle points of primitives
- Parts not moved in position/rotation dialog
- Minifig legs could be rotated wrong
V3.10 - Arrow generator
- Baseplate generator
- LSynth support
- crash on read only drives
V3.00 - Minifig generator
- Rubber belt generator
- Flexible hose generator
- Spring generator
- New toolbar style
- Filling of disk under windows 95/98/ME
- several crash situations
- wrong language displayed on some dialogs

- Sorting of parts by color, name or position
- Automatic insertion of steps

- Unsolicted crash
- .LDR not supported in some cases
- Some corrections save picture processing

- Enhanced color dialog and support for 512 standard colors
- Default extension for dat files is now LDR
- Perspective viewing of models in 3D-Viewing
- Enhanced picture save dialog which allows defining viewing angle and additional drawing options.
- A small red frame shows the active drawing pane now
- MLCad no longer registers for dat, but for LDR instead
- Rotation point invisible per default

- LdLite meta command transform not processed correctly
- File type registration check didn't check all items
- Incomplete partlist when saved to a file
- Crash when saving series of gif pictures
- Dimensions wrong calculated
- Wrong picture when using rotation steps
- Wrong picture when using fast forward
- Several cosmetic corrections
- Background color not effective after changing in view-mode
- Rounding problem with coordinate display in status-bar
- Not all points moved for optional line command (type 5)
- Crash after a certain period of using MLCad when optimisation is turned on.
2.10 - Rotation model generator
- Loading of all kind of windows bitmaps, gifs and jpegs
- Generate pictures and save them in windows bitmaps, gifs or jpegs
- Crash when loading bitmaps into picture model generator
- Lost memory when loading ldlite meta commands
- Invisible lines drawn
- Display types of ghosts and hidden properly
- Corrupted display after changing operation mode or sub-model when optimisations are set to medium or maximum
- Lost memory when using stacked state stores
- Correct problem with keeping items of the project part list in place
- No warning if saving of group list failed
- Problem with selections changed and "Draw to selection only" active
- Corrected wrong display in part report

- Revert to saved menu entry
- Menu and Toolbar entry for "Draw to selection only"
- Speed up rendering and size calculation
- Extended part-tree menu with group config entries
- Lines and optional lines width thickness from 1 to 3
- Enhanced part report with options to save a part list and ignore colors
- When rotating multiple parts the rotation point information is based on the actual rotation point setting. The item selected first gives the rotation point.
- Saving and Loading of Groups
- Scrollbars in the editing/viewing panes which can be turned on/off seperatly for each pane and view/place mode
- Toggle the preview size with a right click into the preview pane
- Support for user defined language dll's with internal useability checks
- When adding parts to a drawing pane, the missing coordinate is inherit from the previous part
- Part selection dialog now remembers sort criteria until MLCad is restarted
- Part report now can ignore colors of parts

- Group config not loaded when MLCad is started with a file
- Export of mpd projects
- Scale problem when switching/creating/deleting mpd sub models
- Rounding problem (Was part not placed correctly)
- Rotation dialog preview: After rotation display was different from preview
- Line drawing problem (often lines where not visible)
- Selection problem during ungrouping
- Crash during selection (both simple click and rubber band) on the border of the pane
- Two steps where shown when only one step was available and new part indication was turned on
- Missing parts when printing part lists
- New tracing feature for use in case of problems

- Solved bug in file-type registration
- Solved display bug when using "New parts indication"
- Solved crash's when using the picture/fractal generators
- Solved printing problem
- Solved picture generation problem
- Solved movement problems

- .dat and .mpd registration can be turned of in the settings now
- New Enter Position & Rotation dialog
- Solved bug in the drawing routine which causes holes
- Solved bug when moving parts in weard angles with the buttons
- Solved problem with enter rotation/position
- Solved problem with wrong previous part indications
- None - Online help display problem
- Crash when defining colors
- Defined colors not properly displayed
- Scroll problem of part preview

- Part Grouping
- Automatic part upgrades in a model
- Enhanced export functionallity with postprocessing
- New text entry dialog for position and rotation with an entry in the tool-bar
- More support for primitives, now points can be moved
- Snap to grid function
- Option that allows new parts to inhert the last orientation
- Switchable rotation center
- Enhanced preview pane
- New color-mode for 24bit true colors

- MLCad now generates Parts.lst if it is not available
- CLEAR command will not be drawn in edit mode now
- When deleting items, the list stays in the area it was before (Still not ideal but better now)
- Hidden didn't work with primitives
- View sometimes not correctly after adding primitives
- Corrected bug in drawing quads
- Solved the preview refresh problem
- Now MLCad accepts uppercase meta commands only

- Selectable studmode
- BFC Support (experimental)
- Basic primitive support
- Enhanced export functions
- Faster new part indications
- Draw & Drop rotations
- Improved selection handling

- Solved a problem with very small grid settings
- Reduced flickering when drawing on none white backgrounds
- Added the clear command to increase compatibility to LDraw/LEdit

Release 2
- None - Program crashed after beeing started for the very first time

- Model dependend color tables
- Customizeable default color table for new models
- Interactive zooming of views
- Easy selection between viewing-, edit -, movement- and zoom-mode
- Indication of added parts during viewing by either darking the previous parts or by graying them
- New hotkeys for rotation and mode switching
- Background images

- LDraw/Ledit compatible color numbering scheme
- LDLite compatible custom colors
- Solved problem when moving a part from the list to itself
- Solved coordinate problem when adding new parts to the view

- Scrollbar less drawing and viewing areas
- New Move-Mode for scrolling the model in the views
- New Outline mode for fastest drawing
- Enhanced Color Dialog for redefining colors or creating custom colors
- New color box for faster color selection
- Export a model for use with other 3D conversion tools
- LDLite compatible color-numbering

- Crash when saving pictures
- Wrong rotation of multiple parts
- Integer rounding problem (caused destroyed views of models)

- Double-Click on a part in the part list to edit it
- Rotation is done based on the center point of a part now
- Pseudo model creation from a fractal landscape or picture
- Views model coordinates in the status bar
- Default comments for name, author, type and model (Author is based on the settings, name is updated automatically)

- Model part list not shown, corrected
- Solved crash when saving pictures
- Copy/Paste now copies the color as well


- Three user defineable defaults for rotations and movements
- Scan partlist now rescans the models too, or just rescan the models
- Default settings can be restored now
- Part lists take care of colors now and can be printed
- Full MPD (Multi Part Data files) support
- Various editing enhancements
- Views can have different zoom factors now
- Elements can be moved within the model element list now
- Comments and steps can be changed now
- Full Drag & Drop support
- Hot keys
- Case sensitive online help (requires MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher)

- The output files where missing the terminating 0 lines
- Corrected problem when starting MLCad with a project.

- Continued speed up
- Implemented multiple selection with delayed update option
- Scans model directory and includes models found into the internal part list
- New option to hide parts for faster and easier modelling
- Default view angles for 3D displays are user define-able now
- Save part lists to a file
- Rotate parts either relative to the current orientation or absolute
- Rotation steps can be relative, absolute or additative now
- Rotation step window allows to preview the rotated model
- Disabled "Quick edit option" since MLCad is faster without it now
- Rotation angle is 45° now
- Balloon texts for colors in the color selection dialog

- Fixed display problems with Windows 95
- Fixed double draw problem when loading models

- Speed up of the program (up to factor three)
- New enhanced part pre-view area which displays more parts
- Remembers window settings over program restart

- Fixed display bug with various graphics cards
- Fixed dat file generation problem

- True color mode with shading
- Scroll bars
- On screen part selection
- Find function in Available Parts View
- Favorites
- Default color handling for new parts
- New tool bars
- Extended popup menu in the Drawing and Viewing Area
- Cosmetic updates
- Wire frames use the real part colors
- More fail save

- Fixed various printing bugs
- Fixed filename problem when generating pictures
- Fixed crash problem when loading bad parts

Started the program none